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  • … just pause for a moment and think about the goal?
  • … get to know sustainable solutions for recurring problems?
  • … be inspired by the experiences of others?

You can do this by talking to one of our experts.

Based on a structured interview, you invest an hour outside of day-to-day operations and reflect on the current situation in the company. In conversation, you will discover possibilities and approaches like you:

  • As IT manager / CIO, get control of the interface landscape and actively shape it.
  • Remain able to act despite increasing complexity and know-how or staff shortages.
  • Get real benefits for the money invested & benefit expectations are met.
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IT manager / CIO


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  • In daily business there is often a lack of time and opportunities to get a bird’s eye view of your own IT landscape!
  • Strategic goals often take a back seat!
  • There is seldom enough freedom to answer questions such as “What experiences have others learned from?”


  • Structured lighting of the individual IT subject areas
  • Format: joint interview


  • Overall view of the IT-specific situation of your company
  • Realization of the strategic goals
  • Look at the situation and solutions of other companies

1h bird’s eye view?

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