Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect:

For over a quarter of all companies, cloud will gain in importance in the future. Standard services and applications that support value-added processes, such as Salesforce CRM, are increasingly shifting to cloud providers. Other applications run in PaaS or IaaS environments, depending on the level of customization. There is no question about it: cloud computing offers a whole range of advantages. It also poses new challenges. For example, integration of processes is much more complex than before.
At SQL Projekt AG, we aspire to simplify integration tools, as integration projects become more complex. TRANSCONNECT® cloud facilitates a whole range of proven integration scenarios, from comprehensive process integration to secure use of cloud resources.


When standard applications are being moved from the company’s IT centre to SaaS services, a break in network connection is unavoidable. However, process integration between application systems in the company’s IT centre and applications that are run as SaaS services is still required (e.g. between Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP).
In this case, TRANSCONNECT® cloud, with its adapter architecture, forms a secure integration environment, whether as an integration server in the company’s IT centre, or as an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) in the MS Azure Cloud, the SAP Cloud Platform or AWS.


Ever more processes run across companies. It is obvious that a deep, reciprocal integration of systems is essential for this purpose. It is less clear who is responsible for the integration of data flows and process chains in the increasingly complex value creation networks.

With TRANSCONNECT® cloud, interfaces of different companies can be connected without installation effort and operational expenses. The basis for this is TRANSCONNECT® cloud as an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) in the MS Azure Cloud, the SAP Cloud Platform or AWS.


Managing corporate IT on two separate levels, one focused on high efficiency and standardisation, and the other on agility, offers many advantages, provided the company succeeds in keeping the associated risks at bay. For interfaces, data structures and processes change very frequently in the agile mode of operation. This poses difficulties in integration with the standardized environment.

With TRANSCONNECT® cloud, changes in the integration can be accommodated quickly and easily by means of modelling. For example, if a section of the standard IT is moved to a SaaS service, the affected integration routes can be easily aligned using the TRANSCONNECT® Manager, and the processes will continue as usual. Other approaches would require much more complex integration projects.


The more valid data is available in the company, the easier it is to gain new insights on process optimization. The spectrum ranges from conventional reports, process mining and rule mining, to predictive approaches based on machine learning / deep learning and neural networks. Due to high computational overhead, it makes sense to run these evaluations in a cloud environment that provides plenty of memory and high computing power on a temporary basis.
TRANSCONNECT® cloud allows you to fully automate the required upload and download processes. TRANSCONNECT® cloud also controls the provision of temporary cloud resources. If sections of the data to be evaluated are too sensitive for evaluation in a public cloud, records can be selectively anonymised using TRANSCONNECT®. The data can also be pseudonymised and de-pseudonymised.

TRANSCONNECT® cloud runs on the following platforms:

  • MS Azure Cloud,
  • SAP Cloud Platform,
  • AWS
  • On-site in the customer data center


  • TRANSCONNECT® cloud SaaS: More customers are able to use your SaaS service
    Our partner model for SaaS providers increases the integration potential of your SaaS service. You can provide your customers with multiple RESTfull interfaces and make integration easier for them, since there will be no need for an integration solution to be installed and maintained.


  • TRANSCONNECT® SaaS Connect: Full control over integration landscape
    Integrate one or more SaaS, PaaS or IaaS services with application systems into your own IT centre. In this configuration, TRANSCONNECT® runs as an on-premise installation and connects to the selected cloud services. Anonymization and pseudonymization options ensure maximum data security.


  • TRANSCONNECT® cloud iPaaS: The best of both worlds
    Leverage the full integration power of TRANSCONNECT® as a service (iPaaS) and integrate applications from your own IT centre with XaaS services in the cloud.


  • TRANSCONNECT® cloud iPaaS hybrid: Enterprise-level integration
    This scenario combines all the advantages mentioned so far. You have sovereignty and unrestricted control over the integration landscape. All integrations run in their respective environment, and all data remains in its security zone. That’s an integration at the enterprise level.