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Take your productivity to the next level with our integration platform TRANSCONNECT® and benefit from a full range of solutions – from graphical modeling to programming your own plug-ins.

A solid foundation

  • Message-based as well as stream-based processing for large amounts of data even with limited resources
  • Persistent message repository for traceability, debugging, re-routing
  • Push/pull models (scheduler + webservice)
  • Industrial IoT stack: EDGE vs. CLOUD (incl. cascading)
  • High availability + scalability
  • Multi-user support, versioning of projects
  • Human- and machine-readable configuration to support CI/CD pipelines with change tracking

Exceptional connectivity

Choose the right adapter from our various bundles and connect every IT system without the need for extra code:

  • Command line adapters
  • Database adapters (MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB etc.)
  • File system adapters (SMB, WebDAV, FTP etc.)
  • File format adapters (CSV, EXCEL, PDF etc.)
  • Protocol adapters (REST, SOAP, IDOC, BAPI, RFC, EDI etc.)
  • Industry standards (SAP, HL7, BiPRO etc.)

Minimally invasive retrofitting: Existing IT systems typically do not require any adjustments.

High reliability and transparency

An encrypted and persistent event repository stores all messages sent through the system so they can later be used, for example, for debugging, re-routing, or auditing. You can configure your desired retention period in line with your individual data privacy policy and storage resources.

Technical monitoring at runtime always provides you with a transparent overview of all data streams within your IT environment. Configurable alerts will notify managers and employees in charge about events happening in your systems.

Mechanisms such as transaction security for data consistency across IT systems as well as high availability options ensure that all messages will reach their destination and that critical infrastructures will run smoothly.

… and all of that with integrated transparency but without any extra code.

Extensibility and clarity

After just 1½ days of training, your IT staff will be ready to work with TRANSCONNECT® and use its full potential to implement your processes and customize the platform to your individual preferences and requirements. With our new Adapter Development Kit you can even build completely new connection types to match your needs. Agile integration approaches are supported by design with project segmentation, staging, and versioning functionality.

Stay on top of things! Visualize your IT environment with the help of orchestration options. Identify risks and bottlenecks early on and discover chances for improvement – always up to date and always on. The documentation generator supports your documentation and certification processes.

We help you prepare for the future

TRANSCONNECT® integrates seamlessly into your IT environment and thereby ensures a high-performing, future-proof overall setup (docker, virtualization, Active Directory, LDAP, SNMP, Nagios etc.). Thanks to the platform’s hybrid cloud support, you will remain flexible when choosing your preferred IT hardware (MS Azure, AWS, SAP or your own data center). Technical monitoring and an efficient alerting system help track your setup’s stability and will give you the necessary peace of mind.

Make your IT system future-proof and benefit from the following advantages of this solid and flexible foundation:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) enable you to better control your business activities.
    The built-in Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) functionality fully integrates into your data warehouse and reporting infrastructure.
  • Go mobile – now! – by designing and deploying modern interfaces (APIs) for your existing applications.
  • Modularize your IT environment by automating your business processes directly within the integration layer – across interfaces and systems, and with full autonomy.


Security and compliance

Benefit from secure data transfers with an integrated certification repository to protect your IT environment.

Built-in GDPR compliance provides an extra layer of protection for sensitive data.

Roles and permissions for all assets prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and assure the integrity of your IT.

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