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An integration platform serves as the technical foundation for the digital transformation in manufacturing, government, and various other industries. Thanks to loose coupling, all components and systems can easily be swapped without affecting any business processes. This ensures a future-proof system with a maximum of flexibility and extensibility.

What is an integration platform?

Typically, an organization uses a large number of software systems and cloud applications. An integration platform connects these applications along the value chain and utilizes the interfaces of the involved systems to map and automate complex business processes. Integration platforms like TRANSCONNECT® provide tools for developing, executing, controlling, and monitoring these processes.

Industry 4.0 solutions, in particular, are characterized by comprising local and machine-oriented systems (shop floor systems such as SPS, MES, intralogistics) as well as comprehensive software systems for management, administrative, and customer-related processes (top floor systems such as ERP, CRM, PLM).
An integration platform like TRANSCONNECT® allows mapping and automating complex digital (business) processes – from shop floor to top floor.

What is the expected benefit?

Integration platforms reduce transaction costs and required maintenance efforts by automating workflows across interfaces, systems, and organizations.

The centralized management of involved interfaces also results in a lower number of communication links between systems and thus significantly decreases efforts and costs for integration, maintenance, and ongoing development tasks. The necessary effort to maintain these integrated processes will be limited and optimized as well.

Loose coupling leads to a modularized IT infrastructure and ensures autonomy from surrounding application systems.

Did you know…? At the end of the positioning workshop, you will receive a customized business case.

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TRANSCONNECT®: low-code integration platform – technology and innovation leader regardless of quadrant

The low-code integration platform TRANSCONNECT®  allows you to connect your applications‘ interfaces and to map business processes of any complexity across systems, sites, and organizations – with transactional security, speed, and no need for any code. TRANSCONNECT® provides the necessary tools for developing, executing, controlling, and monitoring both the platform and these processes.

 solutions by industry

Each industry has its own requirements. Discover various application scenarios of TRANSCONNECT®.

Use cases

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Successful in every regard – our TRANSCONNECT® customers provide real-world examples.

TRANSCONNECT® in manufacturing – bridging the gap between shop floor and top floor

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Use TRANSCONNECT® to bring together all your cloud applications into one consistent system, and benefit from the continuous digital transformation.

Optimize your multi-cloud environment by mapping and automating comprehensive, complex business processes. Start today with your customized integration processes and immediately enjoy measurable benefits – without any installation or deployment costs.

Edge Computing

With TRANSCONNECT® EDGE, you can feed your shop-floor production data into processes of your top-floor systems. On dedicated edge nodes – whether industrial PCs or the edge cloud –, TRANSCONNECT® EDGE instances handle the data pre-processing with the help of analytics or AI and centrally deliver the generated data in the cloud.

On Premise

Run TRANSCONNECT® completely in your own environment and benefit from a maximum of autonomy – whether you use industrial PCs or a private cloud. TRANSCONNECT® supports full virtualization and automated deployments.

Continuous digital transformation

The digital transformation is a continuous process and under way in every industry. This poses particular challenges and requires an integration platform that can adapt to new environment conditions, just like a good GPS system that always tries to find the best route. TRANSCONNECT® supports such a continuous digital transformation by design through scalability and remarkable adaptability. If you need to switch from an on-premise solution in your own server room to an industrial PC (Edge) with connectors to the cloud (AWS, Azure, …), TRANSCONNECT® will make it easy.

But keep one thing in mind when planning your customized continuous digital transformation: The integration layer touches all parts of your organization. Therefore, include all employees in your journey, consider your business strategy, and listen to your customers, partners, and third-party vendors. Our methodology toolbox – the AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK – will help you keep track of every detail.

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